On the responsibility of peoples and letting the horrors of 2020 shape our political and moral consciousness

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Violette and I were born on the same day of the same month. Violette is six years old and I am nearly 30. I do not have any excuse as to why it took me almost three decades to “proceed to checkout” a child in Rwanda when I had effortlessly proceeded to checkout countless other items, most of which, completely useless.

Providing food and essential items for Violette for an entire month cost less than the magic mushroom chaga I purchased as my…

Inside the hermit kingdom of North Korea people risk their lives for a chance at ‘normal’

I had just graduated from college when I was introduced to the most unusual opportunity to teach North Korean defectors at an alternative school in Seoul. Bansuk School takes its name from Kim Il Sung’s mother and means ‘solid rock’ in Korean. It is located in the heart of Gangnam, the epitome of Seoul’s extravagant and consumerist culture. I looked around the classroom, wedged between students stealthily checking their Samsung Galaxy smart phones and a bookcase filled with college entrance exam textbooks. During recess…

© 2019 AK

I came to the United States five years ago as a student and built my new home and career on a lottery system. This lottery is probably the world’s most realistic lottery in that the winner does not walk away with millions of dollars but instead gets to keep the status quo and what he or she worked for to build a future in this country. Each year around 200,000 foreign professionals enter into this lottery to secure one of the 85,000 seats available to foreign high-skilled workers. …

Cropping out my fantasy and letting go of what could have been.

I had to admit that I was not in love with the person. I was in love with the narrative of our relationship that I had formed in my mind. Within minutes of meeting him, my mind had created a thousand different scenarios of how this relationship could work out. He was an architect; I was a lawyer. He lived in NYC; I lived in Dallas. We took our professions seriously but at the same time knew how to unwind and enjoy the simple things after a long…

Aesil Kim

Fictional Non-Fiction

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